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Microsoft 365 Defender – The success story from Forefront Stirling

Svenska – English  I have now been working for over 15 years with Microsoft security solutions and I have just been recognized as a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the 11th year in a row. It is now that … Fortsätt läsa

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Microsoft 365 Defender – Historien från Forefront Stirling

Swedish – English Jag har nu jobbat i över 15 år med Microsofts säkerhetslösningar och jag har precis blivit utnämnd till Microsoft Most Valuable Proffesional, MVP för 11:e året i rad. Det är nu jag börjar känna mig gammal, lite … Fortsätt läsa

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Let’s defend ourselves!

Maybe not yourself, but your organization! Ignite have recently ended with a lot of news from Microsoft. One of biggest news around threat detection and protection is the latest integration of all security solutions for our M365 environment. Based on … Fortsätt läsa

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